A new home

The second part of the plan. A 1971 Bedford TK solid mahogany horsebox. This is to be my new home, and we're not talking some half baked effort. At 48 years of age I've got used to certain comforts, and there is no reason here to sacrifice any of that. In fact I can guarantee at least one improvement, the view, and that means more photo opportunities. There is a lot of work to do, but this is the beginning of a really exciting venture. Travel is something many people dream about, but few take the plunge. When you have no choice, embrace the vagaries of life. They are but new beginnings leading you to fresh adventures. I'm seeing all of this as a unique opportunity to catch sight of what is over the horizon.

#bedford #BedfordTK #HorseBox #Horsebox #TinyHouse #SustainableLiving #Adventure #LiveIn #HouseBox #MicroHouse #Camper #Travel

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